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Grain-Free Diet

February 14, 2012

The first step we took for Lulu was to start her on grain-free food. Wet food is better than kibble. Dogs cannot process corn. Brown Rice is better, but it is still a grain and I am avoiding it in Lulu’s diet. has been by bible for finding commercial dog food for Lulu the past month. They also have an article explaining grain-free and the ‘ancestral diet’ concept. I’ve been able to find foods at health food stores and some at petco/petsmart. We dont have a holistic pet store near us, so i’ve been buying supplements on amazon.

I wasn’t sure if low carb was also important. Our doctor told us that cancer feeds more easily on glucose. This concept has been very controversial when I bring it up with my know-it-all friends, but the doctor I saw was extremely intelligent and the clinic is supposed to be veterinary oncology center in southern california, so I’m going to trust what he says, instead of what my friends read on the internet. I had read an article about how cancer can use anything for energy, and I emailed it to him, so I will copy his reply below. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, he was so helpful and really sweet with Lulu.  If you live in orange county or not to far, he is with the Veterinary Cancer Group, email me and I can refer you to him.

Hi Doctor,
I stumbled on this new study published yesterday and I was wondering if it contradicts any of the dietary things we were talking about. I took from it that a low-sugar diet will actually speed up the cancer cells, could that be right? It’s a pretty short article, hopefully you’ll at least find it interesting and relevant. I know you’re busy and I really appreciate how available you and your office have been to us.

Thank you!
Dear Madeline,
That was very interesting, thank you for sharing that!  It is always frustrating when you think you have something that will beat the cancer and then it figures out a way to circumvent your strategy.  This article is basically bringing to light the fact that cancer will figure out a way to survive in any situations (using an amino acid instead of glucose).  I still would stand by the grain free diet since I still do feel that glucose is the preferred energy source for most tumors.  However, it goes to show you that cancer can adapt and become resistant to many types of therapy, chemotherapy or dietary.  Keep me posted  -David
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