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What CAN I eat?

February 14, 2012

Poor pup. More and more foods are being nixed from diet. Instead of listing what she can’t eat, it seems easier to list what she can.

MEAT-Beef, Chicken, Turkey, small game, bison. Just make sure it’s actually meat. Meatballs, for example, are mostly grain. Check ingredients. No chicken nuggets, or fastfood meat.

EGGS- Cooked anyway, raw runs the risk of salmonella, but I eat mine over-easy everyday and haven’t gotten sick yet, so I’ll feed Lulu raw eggs too. Or even better, egg-whites.

DAIRY- lots of sites say that cottage cheese and plain yogurt are great for cancer diets.  Me aware of your dogs digestive response in case he’s lactose intolerant. Check the ingredients! Flavored yogurt has too much sugar. You definitely don’t want to feed your cancer dog sugar! More on that later.

VEGGIES!!!- if you can get them to eat, leafy greens actually shrink cancer cells! I chop up Kale with chicken, small enough that she can’t get around it. She ends up spitting out a lot of it, but I link I have like a %60 success rate 😉 Cruciferous Vegetables are the ones that are especially cancer kicking.  Note: it’s nice to buy organic for leafy veggies because the pesticides can really get into those grooves. It seems awfully counterproductive to feed your pup veggies laced with pesticides.

BEANS- I haven’t looked into this much, but they’re a high source of protein. NOT baked beans from a can or anything with sugar. Look at the ingredients. Be careful about what’s in that syrup water it sits in.

FISH!!!- low mercury fishes like mackerel, sardines, salmon. be careful with canned tuna. Here’s a link to a list of fish with mercury content provided by the American Pregnancy Association  The only thing I can’t figure out is where you can only have 2 6oz servings a week. That can’t be for everyone! Plenty of countries live off mostly fish. I need to research this more, because I would love to feed Lulu fish all day long! The Omega-3 is so good for fighting cancer. Does anyone out there know if you can O.D. on omega-3? I know you can have too much omega-6 and that you are supposed to balance them out. I have been feeding Lulu a lot of omega-3 oil.

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