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What NOT to eat

February 16, 2012


simple carbohydrates


rawhide chews from china- i dont know why this is, i just read it somewhere. look for made in the usa or New zealand for animals that meet FDA standards for humans.

fluoridated water

things toxic to dogs – grapes, cherries, dates, pomegranate, persimmons, walnuts, almonds, other nuts*(see below), tea leaves, coffee

other things dangerous to dogs- cooked bones, possibly raw eggs (though I have mentioned before that I eat semi-raw eggs everyday and haven’t gotten salmonella yet), and if you are interested in doing a RAW food diet, make sure that the raw meat is properly regulated and that once you get it you are storing it at the proper temperature. Bacteria can grow in standard freezers, so don’t store it too long, or get a proper freezer box. IF it’s fish than i has to be ‘sushi grade’ which you can find in big cities. DO NOT feed your dog raw turkey. It contains the more bacteria than other meats and isn’t fit for raw consumption.


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