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Aunt Jeni’s

February 23, 2012

I finally got some Aunt Jeni’s raw food for Lulu. (thank you to my dad who picked it up all the way out in redondo beach, the closest retailer to me) I’m thrilled that it full of collard greens, kale, kelp and more. Best of all the animals are organic fed, cage-free and hormone free. This stuff is pretty much pure gold as far as i’m concerned. It’s not cheap at about 6 bucks a pound, but this is the same price I’d pay for organic meat at the grocery store, and that doesn’t come with the kale already chopped up! I probably won’t end up having her on all raw all the time, but I figured I’d work this stuff in as much as I can until it gets to be too expensive or too much of a hassle. I’m not sure that raw makes that much of a difference at this point anyway, and she doesn’t seem to like it any more than her canned food.  Actually I was surprised, she kinda turned her nose up at it (literally because she is a finicky little gal), then she even tried to eat around it to the dry food underneath, but I think once she got a bite she realized it was good because she licked the bowl clean. Maybe it was the rabbit variety that she was unaccustomed, I’m pretty sure she’s never had rabbit before. btw, right not she is on blue buffalo wilderness salmon variety dry food which I am not crazy about due to lots of potatoes, high estimated carb content (according to dogfoodadvisor) and also a small amount of carmel down the list! Unfortunately, my mom bought it and opened it so I couldn’t return it, then she made a big stink so I decided that trace amounts of caramel weren’t as important as not fighting and I’ve been giving Lulu more wet food and only a bit of the dry food.  There is a lot of good stuff in the this brand, kelp, blueberries, omega-3 from the main ingredient-salmon, it just doesn’t get quite as many gold stars as Aunt Jeni does.  Good thing I found a retailer, because shipping from Maryland was going to be insane.  Hopefully Dad will still be willing to pick some up next time he visits Hermosa again.


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