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$1 The Dog Cancer Diet eBook: Demian Dressler: Kindle Store The Dog Cancer Diet eBook: Demian Dressler: Kindle Store

via The Dog Cancer Diet eBook: Demian Dressler: Kindle Store.


a good Simplified article by Modern Dog Magazine

The Cancer Diet for Dogs | Modern Dog magazine – the best dog magazine ever

via The Cancer Diet for Dogs | Modern Dog magazine – the best dog magazine ever.

The Miracle of Coconut Oil?

Has anyone heard anything about coconut oil? I know there was a book published a few years back claiming it was some kind of anti-cancer miracle. I did buy some thinking if nothing else it could supplement some calories if Lulu starts to loose her appetite. She did throw up last week, and I think she had an upset stomach this weekend. I really hope this doesn’t mean that her cancer will manifest in her stomach, I am terrified soon the cancer in her blood will pick an organ to attack and make my girl miserable. The doctor said would likely be her lungs, heart, or liver that will metastasize and fail. As someone who suffers from asthma, I kinda think that the lungs would be the most terrifying for a dog, not being able to catch your breath, not being able to run, though with any of those I’m sure exercise would be an issue. i guess liver would be the most painful, but there are pain killers, where as I still have not figured out if Dog inhalers are an option. Anyway, i’ve been doing a pretty good job not thinking about it, so back to that for now.

via Lucy Atkins on coconut oil, a new \’superfood\’ | Life and style | The Guardian.

Cancer Loves Sugar: Myths and Facts

I’m not sure what to think about all this. Part of me has put a lot of faith into this, maybe because it was the first thing our oncologist told us when I asked about alternative treatments. It was the first hope I had, and the more I read about it the more I realize how much I was counting on it. Though no one ever told me it would save Lulu, or that it would even make much difference at all except to make her feel a little better, there must have been a little part of me that was crossing my fingers for a miracle.

via Cancer Loves Sugar: Myths and Facts.

Aunt Jeni’s

I finally got some Aunt Jeni’s raw food for Lulu. (thank you to my dad who picked it up all the way out in redondo beach, the closest retailer to me) I’m thrilled that it full of collard greens, kale, kelp and more. Best of all the animals are organic fed, cage-free and hormone free. This stuff is pretty much pure gold as far as i’m concerned. It’s not cheap at about 6 bucks a pound, but this is the same price I’d pay for organic meat at the grocery store, and that doesn’t come with the kale already chopped up! I probably won’t end up having her on all raw all the time, but I figured I’d work this stuff in as much as I can until it gets to be too expensive or too much of a hassle. I’m not sure that raw makes that much of a difference at this point anyway, and she doesn’t seem to like it any more than her canned food.  Actually I was surprised, she kinda turned her nose up at it (literally because she is a finicky little gal), then she even tried to eat around it to the dry food underneath, but I think once she got a bite she realized it was good because she licked the bowl clean. Maybe it was the rabbit variety that she was unaccustomed, I’m pretty sure she’s never had rabbit before. btw, right not she is on blue buffalo wilderness salmon variety dry food which I am not crazy about due to lots of potatoes, high estimated carb content (according to dogfoodadvisor) and also a small amount of carmel down the list! Unfortunately, my mom bought it and opened it so I couldn’t return it, then she made a big stink so I decided that trace amounts of caramel weren’t as important as not fighting and I’ve been giving Lulu more wet food and only a bit of the dry food.  There is a lot of good stuff in the this brand, kelp, blueberries, omega-3 from the main ingredient-salmon, it just doesn’t get quite as many gold stars as Aunt Jeni does.  Good thing I found a retailer, because shipping from Maryland was going to be insane.  Hopefully Dad will still be willing to pick some up next time he visits Hermosa again.

Dog Food Carbohydrates- who needs em?

Dog Food Carbohydrates… A Surprising Secret Revealed.

Dogs don’t need any carbohydrates! I think carbs from some fruit and vegetables can be beneficial though. I say some because not all fruits and veggies are for dogs, and certainly not many are for dogs with cancer.  The only fruit I would give Lulu is maybe blueberries, but really she should eat as little sugar as possible. I think papaya and squash are suppose to be anti-oxidant too, but sticking to the dark greens and the cruciferous family seems preferable.

Raw Dog Foods

Raw Dog Foods.

Any thoughts on Raw Dog Food? How important is it for a dog who’s already been diagnosed with cancer? Especially one like Lulu whose only been given a few months to live. Is raw food really important this late in the game? Or at this point is it just going to burn a whole in my pocket, risk exposure to bacteria, and be hard to digest and absorb? Raw vegetables I understand, but in what way does the chemical composition of meat change when cooked? how does this effect the absorption of nutrients?